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Mosaic Family Covenant Renewal

Covenant Renewal for Current Mosaic Members

At the beginning of each year, we ask all of our current Family Covenant Members to go through the process of renewing the covenant with us. This is done for two purposes. First, it allows us as the pastors and elders of Mosaic to stay in touch with all of our people. We want to keep track of every person that God has entrusted to our care, and our city has a very high turnover rate. Even as God sends our people to new places, we believe that it is our responsibility to see that they transition well and find a new church body to plug into and continue their spiritual growth. Second, we want to hear about the health of each person in our flock. We not only want to touch base and make sure we know where all of our people are, we want to see how all of our people are doing. The following questions are meant to help our pastors and shepherds know how you are doing and gauge if we can help in any way moving into a new year.