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Daily Devotionals- Fall '20

Resources to help you grow in your daily walk with God.

John Reading Plan:

Take a few minutes to thank God for a new day. Grab a journal and a Bible and ask him to meet with you and speak as you read his Word. Read through the passage 2-3 times on your own, and then watch the video. When the video is over, answer two questions:

  1. God, what are you saying to me today?
  2. What am I going to do about it?


Monday, October 12th- John 1

Tuesday, October 13th- John 2

Wednesday, October 14th- John 3

Thursday, October 15th- John 4

Friday, October 16th- John 5

Saturday, October 17th- John 6

Monday, October 19th- John 6:60-71

Wednesday, October 21st- John 7:1-13

Friday, October 23rd- John 7:14-31

Monday, October 26th- John 7:32-36

Wednesday, October 28th- John 7:37-39

Friday, October 30th- John 7:40-52

Monday, November 9th- John 8:1-11 (Part 1)

Wednesday, November 11th- John 8:1-11 (Part 2)

Friday, November 13th- John 8:1-11 (Part 3)

Monday, November 16th- John 8:12-20

Wednesday, November 18th- John 8:21-30

Friday, November 20th- John 8:31-38

Monday, November 23rd- John 8:39-43

Wednesday, November 25th- John 8:44-47

Friday, November 27th- John 8:48-59

Monday, November 30th- John 9:1-12

Wednesday, December 2nd- John 9:13-34

Friday, December 4th- John 9:35-41