Upcoming Events

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College Students- Welcome Back! Come and hang with us as we kick off the fall semester with a House Party at the Mosaic House!
College Students- Join us for Mosaic on Campus at Kennedy Auditorium at 8PM.
God's Word is one of His greatest gifts to us, and reading it should bring life and intimacy with Him. However, so many people struggle to spend time in the Word. In this 7-week class, we will learn to see the Bible through new eyes. Using the Gospel of John, which we will be preaching through at Mosaic beginning this Fall, we will learn how to interact with God at a deep level as we read and study the Bible. Click on the image above to register for our next Equipping Class beginning on September 12th.
Mosaic Youth- join us for ONE NIGHT on September 22nd at the Mosaic House (201 Wettermark)! ONE night is once a month and is designed for the youth to have fun, be encouraged with practical teaching and a place to connect with people who love and believe in each other. A night where we will lift up the ONE name that matters.
Interested in becomming a Member of Mosaic? Join us on Sunday, September 29th from 2-4:30 PM at the Mosaic House (201 Wettermark).
Join us for this 3-week class beginning on October 27th for anyone considering baptism. Baptism Sunday is scheduled for December 8th and this class is a requirement for those who would like to be baptized.