IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Sunday's Worship Gatherings have been cancelled for Sunday, July 12th. More info below.

Mission Nac 2020

Join us as we serve our neighbors at Mission Nac 2020.

MissionNAC exists to inspire THE Church of Nacogdoches to come together in unity, amidst diversity, to be a “City on a hill,” for the betterment of our city, to the glory of God. We believe the love of Christ forges us together in friendship and unites us in mission. Our desire is to serve our city together, worship together, so that men may see our love, and seek the One who loves us.

MissionNAC got its birth in 2012 when a few churches came together to serve the needy in our community for 4 days in June. The next year, more churches joined. It is not an exaggeration to say that MissionNAC has been an organic movement of God as more and more churches began to join. After 4 years, the beauty of service became worship as pastors of multiple denominations asked, “If we can work together, why can’t we worship together?” Thus was born the Nac Night of Worship, which now happens quarterly.

So many believers, so many great churches in Nacogdoches, the oldest town in Texas, and much good has been done in the name of Christ through them. But we believe that as we are unified, as we embrace our diversity instead of allowing it to divide us, we will be used by the Holy Spirit to transform our city into the “City on a Hill” the scriptures talk about. And when that happens, who knows where the flame of Christ’s love will flicker to next?