IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT There will be no Worship Gatherings on August 2nd- Join us for our Work Day on August 1st.

School of Ministry

Mosaic School of Ministry exists to train leaders for a lifetime of ministry.

“This is something that is really important. You can go to seminary and you can learn a lot. But here you get to learn with your professor, or with your pastor, and you get to go through this in a comfortable setting that also allows you to take it outside the front doors, so that you are not just sitting and learning. You get to go outside and apply it to real life with real people, and it becomes a real thing to you instead of just being head knowledge. I think that’s where everything starts to change."

-Austin Dillon, 2019 SOM Graduate

Mosaic School of Ministry

Mosaic School of Ministry exists to train leaders for a lifetime of ministry through biblical and theological training, personal discipleship, and hands on ministry experience.

Mosaic School of Ministry is a 9-month training program that occurs each year from August-May. The School of Ministry meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9AM-12PM for classroom training. During the program, each student is expected to serve in a specific ministry at Mosaic Church.


Mosaic School of Ministry is a Bible Institute of the Evangelical Training Association (ETA). Upon completion of the courses and assignments, each student will receive a Church Ministries Certificate from Mosaic School of Ministry and ETA.

The Classwork will cover :

A study of Theology of the Christian Faith, intended to equip individuals to understand and articulate their own beliefs and to minister more effectively in Christian and Non-Christian contexts.

An in-depth study of the Bible, both the overall narrative of Scripture, as well as the main idea and structure of each of the 66 books of Scripture, intended to help each student understand the message of the Bible.

A study of Discipleship, offering a broad overview of the dynamic struggle for transformation going on internally and externally in the life of every believer.


The School of Ministry costs $350/month for 9 months (August- April) for a total of $3150.

Each student will also be required to buy their books each semester, which should be around $250 per semester.


Each student must be:

  • A High School Graduate
  • Available for 20 hours a week of class, study, and ministry. Students can take other classes and hold other jobs as long as they have time and make SOM a priority in scheduling.


Applications are due by March 1st. A limited number of students will be selected each year.

SOM Application:

Lifestyle Policy For Those in Public Ministry

Especially for our leaders and for those in public ministry (James 3:1, 1 Timothy 3), we desire personal holiness and accountability, repentance, healing, and restoration. This is not to be seen as a need to be perfect in order to serve, but rather as an understanding that those who are in positions of leadership are to be held to a higher standard due to the influence you possess. Whenever you fall into sin, as pastoral leaders we are eager to walk with you, to help you amend your life and to walk in the light (1 John 1:5-8). We will do so carefully and in a way that is restorative and beneficial for your spiritual health.

We ask our leaders and those involved in public ministry to flee from the behaviors listed below:

Consuming alcohol in excess (or at all if under 21)

Use of illegal drugs or illegal use of prescription medication

Guilty of a felony or misdemeanor charge

Physical or Verbal abuse against anyone

Viewing pornographic material

Addictive or binge patterns of eating, shopping, or any other activity Inappropriate sexual activity

Consistent or recurring lying or deceit

Also, we ask that leaders observe the following rules: Absolutely no alcohol, tobacco products, or illegal drugs at Mosaic events No sleeping overnight at boyfriend/ girlfriend’s house. Use wisdom in “neutral areas”- dressing appropriately, language, activities you are participating in.

It is our commitment to hold you as leaders accountable because we love you, and because we love Christ, whom we represent. Commitment: If I am involved in any of these activities, I will meet with my pastoral leaders to talk and to follow guidance on how to change. I will find accountability and participate in fellowship which challenge and encourage me to make choices that represent Christ well.