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Who We Are

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Mosaic's Purpose

We exist to bring God’s Kingdom to Nac as it is in Heaven.

Mosaic's Vision

We are a church that invites all people into God’s Family to be Restored to their God-Given Destiny.

Mosaic's 2-Year Mission:

Over the next 2 Years (by August 2023), we will Build the Foundation of our Church:

  • Place (renovated & fully functional)
  • Pastors (full staff committed to clear roles)
  • Programs (keystone ministries funded & meeting measurables)
  • People (80% of members connected to a MicroChurch)

Mosaic's 10-Year Mission:

To Connect with Every Door, Dorm, and Social Network in Nacogdoches.

Our Strategy:

To Connect people in 3 areas so that they can live like Jesus:

  1. Communion with God       

(UP)- Worship Environments

2. Community with Others

     (OUT)- MicroChurches

3. Commission to the World   

     (IN)- Fight Clubs/ Discipleship Environments

Our Profile (who are we trying to reach?):

Unchurched, De-Churched & Dissatisfied people in Nacogdoches longing for real connection.

Our Core Values:

Honor- We treat all people as bearers of God’s Image.

Humility- No blessing is too good for us and no task is beneath us.

Holiness- Our choices reflect our identity. We are sons & daughters of God.

Hard Work- Our work is an expression of our infinite value, so we don’t run from problems but embrace them.

Humanity- We embrace and enjoy the grit and mystery of life together.

Harmony- We need each other as we become who God created us to be.

Our Distinctives:

Unity and Diversity-We are willing to pay the price for true diversity (racial, generational, socio-economic and theological) and strive to look like heaven.

Word and Spirit- We value the Word of God and the Spirit of God & don’t elevate one over the other.

Kingdom at all Cost-We are not a passive, wait for heaven kind of people. We are an active and faith-filled and Spirit-filled people who advance the Kingdom every day in every facet of our lives.

Partnerships for the Restoration of our City-We seek out and come alongside other Christians and Churches for the good of our city.

Shared Leadership-We build teams and share the load of ministry so that we benefit from the gifts & strengths of others.